Fees and rates are reviewed annually by the Parking & Transportation Advisory Committee (PTAC). Fees and rates are approved by the Presidents Council.

  • Failure to use due care and caution.
  • Failure to stay in control of bicycle.
  • Failure to obey dismount policy.
  • Failure to yield right of way to pedestrian.
  • Riding on lawn or other restricted area.
1st Offense $15.00
2nd offense $30.00
3rd and there after $60.00

Using skateboard, coaster, and/or in-line skates.

1st Offense $15.00
2nd offense and thereafter $60.00
Blocking Traffic $75.00
Disabled space $450.00
Driveway or walkway violation $75.00
Expired (car tabs)-1st $125.00
Expired (car tabs)-2nd $225.00
Fire hydrant or fire lane $115.00
Grass or landscaped area $75.00
Improper entry of vehicle license plate $15.00
No parking zone $75.00
No valid permit $41.00
Occupying more than one space $29.00
Overtime Parking $41.00
Prohibited area $75.00
Reserved area $75.00
2nd vehicle parked on single permit $41.00
Motorcycle without a permit $23.00
Fee added after 20th day $15.00
Fee added after 40th day $20.00
Price of citation (+) 50%
Immobilization fee $100.00
Seized vehicle daily storage fee $15.00