Spring Quarter Alternative Transportation Fee Update

What’s going on with the Alternative Transportation Fee? 

  • Since March 2020, WTA buses have been running fare free
  • During spring, summer, and fall quarters 2020 students were not charged the Alternative Transportation Fee
  • Winter and spring quarters 2021 a fee of $3 was assessed on students taking 6 or more credits, which was an 89.5% reduction in the fee

What is the $3 Alternative Transportation Fee paying for? 

  • Preserving the student bus pass program for the return to campus
  • Covering ongoing expenses of the Student Transportation Program 
  • Revamping the Student Late Night Shuttle Program 
  • Developing great programs for the campus community (Food for Fines and WWU Moves) 

Want to get involved?

  • Apply to be on the AS Alternative Transportation Fee Committee to influence how the Alternative Transportation Fee is used
  • Apply to be on the AS Transportation Advisory Committee to be a voice in campus transportation planning and decision-making