Student Late Night Shuttle


Map and Schedule

The Late Night Shuttle provides Western students a ride after the WTA buses have stopped running for the day. It is funded through the Alternative Transportation Fee. Routes serve campus, residence halls, Downtown Bellingham and nearby shopping centers. 

  • Shuttle Hours: Monday - Saturday, 11 pm - 3 am and Sunday, 9 pm - 2 am
  • To board show the shuttle driver your Western ID card     
  • Service begins in September, the Sunday before classes begin, and ends in June, the Saturday following finals 
    • There is no shuttle service during Summer Quarter, Thanksgiving (Thurs-Sat), and Intersessions
  • Service may be canceled when weather causes dangerous road conditions. Check the Shuttle Tracker website or App for updates. We also record a message on our phone line, 360-650-7960.

The Shuttle Tracker

Route Info

  • There are two Shuttle routes, A and B, which travel in opposite directions through campus, downtown, and to surrounding neighborhoods and retail areas.
  • Route A departs from the Viking Union, and Route B departs from Haggard Hall.
  • Both routes serve the same streets, with the following exceptions
    • Route A serves Happy Valley, traveling 21st-Donovan-24th and 25th. (Route B does not serve these streets).
    • The Buchanan Towers stop for Route A is on 25th at Bill McDonald Parkway, in front of the WWU Archives Building.

How to Ride

  • Shuttles pick-up and drop off at WTA bus stops
  • Use the Shuttle Tracker to see when the shuttle is coming and head to your bus stop
  • If the area around the bus stop isn't well lit, give the driver a wave to help them see you
  • Show your Western ID card to the driver to board
  • Watch for your destination
    • Use the stop bell when your stop is approaching to tell the driver you want to get off
    • The Fairhaven Complex is a "flex" destination - the driver will detour and stop here upon request; let them know you want this stop when you board or when the shuttle is near Fairhaven
    • Drivers are not allowed to alter the route. If you miss your stop and don't want to walk from the next stop, you can stay on the shuttle for the next circuit (30 min).  

Policies - These policies were developed by WWU students for student comfort and safety

  • A Valid Western ID Card is required for boarding
    • This is for your safety, please don't expect the Driver to let you board without it.
  • Be respectful of the Driver and other Passengers. Abstaining from profanity is expected.
  • Non-alcoholic beverages are allowed if they are in a closed container.
  • Food can be carried, but not consumed on the shuttle. Please keep it in a closed container or wrapper.
  • Guests: one guest is allowed per WWU student showing their Western ID Card.
    • The WWU student is responsible for their guest.
    • Students with multiple guests may want to use a taxi, Uber, or Lyft.

Lost & Found

  • Items left on the bus will be taken to University Police Dispatch (360-650-3555). Dispatch is open 24/7 and is located in the Campus Services Building at the corner of Bill McDonald Parkway and 21st Street.

Refusal of Service

  • Drivers reserve the right to refuse service to any person who does not observe policies, shows the potential to cause harm to themselves or others, or interferes with vehicle safety.

This service has no affiliation with Whatcom Transit Authority.