Student Parking Permit Waitlists for FALL 2023 Open August 14

The availability of parking on campus is very limited . Our office  recommends that you check out the Transportation Services website to explore all the ways that you can travel without a car while you are at WWU.

If you are unwilling or unable to be car free this upcoming school year and you want to park on campus, then you must add yourself to a parking permit waitlist.

Here is how to join a parking permit waitlist: 

  1. On or after August 14th, add yourself to a waitlist by logging into the Parking Portal.
  2. Click on the “Add/Edit Waitlist” button.   
  3. You can add yourself to as many as three waitlists.  
  4. Prioritize your selection with #1 being your top preference.   

Additional instructions can be found in the Waitlist Video Tutorial. Other helpful transportation related videos can be found in our Video Library.

Permits will be awarded from the waitlists based on your waitlist position and space availability beginning September 5th

Waitlists are ranked based on the number of credit hours a student has on record at WWU, including all transfer credits. Your ranking is not affected by when you add yourself to the waitlist.

If you are awarded a permit, you will receive an email on September 5th with instructions on how to purchase your parking permit. If you do not receive a parking permit award on September 5th, you will remain on the waitlist. Because permit supply is very limited, our office cannot foresee whether any specific student will be offered a permit. It is highly recommended that you only bring a car to campus if you are offered a parking permit.

Please continue reading below for an explanation of which lots are available for resident (living on-campus) and non-resident (living off-campus) students.

Parking map: 


Off-Campus Students

The C lot is the primary on-campus parking lot for off-campus students. The Lincoln Creek lot is an off-campus parking lot that is also available for students who commute. Lincoln Creek is a 9-minute bus ride on a Whatcom Transportation Authority (WTA) bus for convenient access to campus.

Information on using the WTA bus system to commute to campus can be found on the Transportation Services website at:

On-Campus Students

Students living on-campus have multiple options for parking lot preference. Before adding yourself to a waitlist, we recommends that you review the Campus Parking Map to determine which parking lots are closest to your residence hall. The resident lots are designated on the parking map with an “R” and are generally adjacent to the residence halls. 

Limited resident overflow parking is available at the Lincoln Creek Lot. This is an off-campus parking lot a 9-minute bus ride away from WWU and is designated on the parking map as “LC.” Additional information about using the WTA bus system to commute to campus can be found on the Transportation Office's website at  

The on-campus residence halls are listed below along with the recommended parking lots and priority order for each hall. 

 Nash: 4R, 3R 

 Mathes: 4R, 3R 

 Edens/Edens North: 3R, 4R 

 Higginson: 3R, 4R 

 The Ridge (Alma Clark Glass Hall, Alpha, Beta, Delta, Gamma, Kappa, Omega, and Sigma): 15R, 20R

 Fairhaven complex: 18R, 1R 

 Buchanan Towers: 1R, 18R 

 Birnam Wood: 27R 

As a final reminder, parking permit waitlists do not open until August 14th and no action needs to be taken until that time.

Please contact us at