Summer Quarter Parking Information

From June 22nd through September 15th, special parking regulations will be in effect. Permits will be required in most lots on campus. Please see below for parking options.

Students And Visitors:

-Parking in the C lot and the Lincoln Creek Lot (LCTC) will be available without the requirement of a permit and at no cost


-Complimentary permits are available for all employees that will allow for parking in the following Blue Zone parking lots: 7G, 9G, 12A, 13A, 17G, 19G, 22G, 24G, 32G, 33G

-The following employee parking lots will still require lot-specific permits: 5G, 8G, 10G, 11G, 23G, 25G, 29G, 30G, AIC, Carpool(11G Carpool, 17G Carpool, 26CP)