Summer Quarter Parking Updates

Parking Permits Are Required for Summer Quarter

Permits continue to be required when parking on campus. Employees who will be parking regularly can continue to use their quarterly, academic, or annual permits.

Individuals who do not need to park on campus during winter quarter can return their permits for a prorated refund by emailing

Those who park on campus occasionally may benefit from the new Pay-by-Day parking option. Details of this new option can be found below, see “New Pay-by-Day Permit Option for Intermittent Parkers”.

Seniority and Lot Assignments Are Retained for All Parkers

Employees who return their current permit will retain their parking lot assignment and seniority through the academic year. Individuals can reach out to Transportation Services at at any time to request their permit back and will not be required to reapply for a permit through the waitlist system.

New Pay-by-Day Permit Option for Intermittent Parkers

For employees who park on campus occasionally we suggest signing up for a Pay-by-Day parking permit. The rate is similar to the daily parking rate when using a quarterly or annual permit. Pay for parking only when you park.

The Pay-by-Day parking option uses the ParkMobile Parking app and is available for all employee campus parking lots for $2.25/day. To sign up for the Pay-by-Day permit option email

Zone Parking Remains in Effect into Summer Quarter

Zone parking will continue to be active this winter as it has been throughout summer and fall terms. Employees who are parking using a quarterly, academic, annual, or the new pay-by-day permit option can park in a wider variety of campus lots. See below for an overview of which permits are valid in which lots. 

All employee permit holders can park in any of the Blue Zone parking lots. Restricted parking lots continue to require lot specific permits. A campus parking map can be found at

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Additional 20-Minute Spaces Available

Transportation Services has added temporary 20-minute spaces near the entrances of most buildings. These spaces will accommodate employees who need to pick-up and drop-off items or for other quick turn-around parking needs. This will reduce the need to purchase a parking permit for a quick visit to campus.