Leave your car at home with confidence!

Pay-by-Day Parking Permit

Employees who normally walk, bike, bus, or carpool to campus or work remotely some days each week can purchase a pay-by-day parking permit.

The cost of a pay-by-day parking permit is similar to the daily parking rate when using a quarterly or annual permit or the commuter coupon code. The pay-by-day parking permit uses the ParkMobile parking app and is available for all employee campus parking lots. To sign up for the pay-by-day parking permit, email transportation@wwu.edu.

Emergency Ride Home

In the event of illness, family emergency or unexpected overtime, employees who have a carpool permit, bus pass or are members of Smart Trips can get a free taxi ride home.

When you need an emergency ride:

  • Call WTA (360) 676-RIDE (7433) to receive an authorization number. WTA will book your taxi ride at the time of your phone call, or you may request your taxi to arrive at a later time.

Inclement Weather Policy

Sometimes the weather may take a turn for the worse during the workday. Depending on how you traveled to work, you may need to leave work early to get home safely. Classified staff should refer to the appropriate collective bargaining unit for specific inclement weather policies. Generally, classified staff employees arriving less than two hours late or leaving less than two hours early shall not have their pay reduced as a result. Administrative Professional Staff employees reporting to work less than four hours late due to inclement weather, shall be granted pay for that period. Employees should communicate with their supervisors regarding specific departmental policies.

Campus Amenities

Use these on-campus resources to save you from making trips off campus.

Late Night Transportation

Employees whose shifts end after the WTA buses stop running for the day can request to ride the student Starlight Shuttle to get home. The Starlight Shuttle travels within about 5 miles of campus. Complete the form below to request access to this service.

Request to ride the Starlight Shuttle

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