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What is the lock swap Program?

Starting fall 2023 Transportation Services in partnership with the Outdoor Center will be providing a lock swap program free of charge. This program will allow students to swap their low-security cable locks for higher security u-locks. Cable locks are responsible for the vast majority of bike thefts on campus. The aim of this program is to provide students with higher security locks at no cost, ensuring that all students have access to adequate bike security. This program would not have been possible without the support of SEJF (Sustainability, Justice, and Equity Fund).

Why Swap Your Lock?

  • 79% of bikes stolen on campus where using cable locks
  • Decrease the likelihood of your bike being stolen
  • Help make campus less enticing to bike thieves
  • It’s Completely Free!
  • Have the opportunity to register your bike with a national database

How to Participate

U-locks will be available at Transportation Services in OM 120. To swap their lock students will have to bring in a cable lock, as well as their student ID. staff will help them swap their cable lock for a new u-lock. They will also be offered a chance to register their bike through Westerns new bike registration program in partnership with Bike Index, ensuring that their bike can make it back to them if it is stolen. If you do not have a lock please buy a u-lock at a local bike shop. Cable locks received through this program will either be given to the hub bike shop, or properly recycled.

Campus Bike thefts by lock type

Pie chart showing bike theft by lock type with cable locks representing 79% of thefts, u-locks 10%, pad-locks 8%, and other being 3%

Cable Lock Quickly Broken with Bolt Cutters

Have any additional questions about this program? Please send an email to