2024 Bike Programs

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May Bike Month

This May, join WWU as we celebrate National Bike Month! Build new cycling habits or strengthen old ones by entering contests and challenges, joining group rides, and participating in community events.

May 17th is Bike to Work and School Day! Bike by our tables outside the Rec Center and Bond Hall for all sorts of free, bike-related goodies.

Bike Registration

Western has partnered with Bike Index, who offer a nation-wide registry that allows the University, Community Members, and law enforcement to get your bike back to you if it is stolen. Students and staff are welcome to register their bike.

Register your bike!

Cable Lock Swap

Beginning fall 2023 Transportation Services in partnership with the Outdoor Center have provided a lock swap program free of charge, allowing students to swap their low-security cable locks for higher-security u-locks.

Swap Your Lock!

Bike Theft Guide

Had your bike stolen?

We can help!

When your bike is stolen your first step should always be to report the theft to local law enforcement. They can help in retrieving your bike as often they are the first to spot abandoned bicycles. When reporting a theft make sure that you have all relevant information ready including location and timeframe of theft, bike serial number, make and model, etc..

You can report the theft to Western police at their non-emergency line if your bike was stolen on campus or in Bellingham:

If your bike was stolen off campus, it is recommended that you also report the theft to Bellingham polices non-emergency line:

Your next step should be to add your bike to Bike Index, a national data base that helps in retrieving stolen bikes. When registering, ensure you include a photo of you bike as this makes recovery much easier. Instructions on registration are below.

Register your bike!

Bike Quick Start Guide

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Bike Maps

Trying to plan your next bike route in campus or beyond? Use these bike maps to find the safest and most efficient route.

Bike Maps

Red Square, the Performing Arts Center overlook, and the area between Carver Gym and Fine Arts are walk zones for bikes between 9:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. when class is in session.

Campus bike map


Tips for Commuting

Bellingham has lots of bike lanes and trails to get around on bike. The City of Bellingham is a Gold level Bicycle Friendly Community and Western Washington University is a Silver level Bicycle Friendly University. Learn more about getting around town here.

Traveling by bike

Find routes to and from your neighborhood to WWU.

Commute options by neighborhood

Lock Your Bike

We recommend all riders lock their bikes using a u-lock along with a cable or a high-quality chain lock to assure both the frame and at least the front wheel are secured to a rack.

Learn how

Ride Safely

Riding in the evening or night? Purchase a set of bike lights to make sure you are seen. The AS Outdoor Center Bike Shop on campus sells lights at a low cost, as well as other local shops.

More safety tips

Bike Maintenance and Additional Resources

Is something not working right on your bike? Take it to the Outdoor Center to get help diagnosing what’s wrong, learn tips and tricks from experienced bicycle technicians, and gain access to a full shop of tools at a low cost. If you aren’t interested in doing it yourself, Bellingham has many local bike shops too.

AS Outdoor Center

Have any other bike related questions? This page might be able to help!

More Resources



Track Your Trips

Whatcom Smart Trips allows you to track your trips to work or school for discounts at local business and a chance to win cash prizes up to $1000. They also offer free classes if you want to learn to ride a bike or get more comfortable riding on the street.

Smart Trips

Additional Resources

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Silver Badge from the League of American Bicyclists

Western Is Rated Silver!

Since 2021, Western Washington University has been rated as a silver-level Bicycle Friendly University. This means that Western has a high level of infrastructure, amenities and programming to support people who ride bicycles. The League of American Bicyclists is a national organization that sets standards for cities, universities, and businesses to create places that are more welcoming to bicyclists. 

Request an Improvement or Report a Problem

To suggest a bike improvement or report a problem on campus, email For issues in the City of Bellingham, use SeeClickFix or email