Get Involved

There are several ways to be involved in student transportation at Western.

Associated Students Alternative Transportation Coordinator

This is a yearly paid position that works in the Transportation Office. The position begins Summer quarter (flexible) and ends with the academic year in June. Hiring takes place Spring quarter. Look for the job posting on the Student Employment website, or contact the Transportation Office for the timeline. This person in this position works approximately 15-19 hrs per week, assisting with program tasks and working on special projects. This position is a voting member of the Alternative Transportation Fee Committee.  

Alternative Transportation Fee Committee/Student-at-Large  

There are two volunteer Student-at-Large positions on this committee. Apply for these positions through the Associated Students by contacting the Associated Students VP of Student Life.

Parking and Transportation Advisory Council (PTAC)

PTAC is a university committee that includes one student volunteer position. The student must live off-campus and commute to campus via WTA, bike, etc. (other than walking). If interested, contact the committee chair, Chris Roselli.