Correctly Registering A License Plate

All WWU parking permits are virtual and based on the license plate of the permitted vehicle. In order to be valid, a virtual permit requires that the license plate information associated with the permit be accurate. Please be careful when entering your license plate. The following are some tips to avoid common license plate mistakes:

  • Do not enter spaces or dashes.
  • Pay extra attention when distinguishing between letters and numbers on your license plate (Example: l vs   1, O vs 0).
  • License plates follow a format depending on the state. Current Washington state license plates for passenger vehicles are formatted with 3 letters followed by 4 numbers. (Example: ABC1234).
  • If your license plate has letters arranged vertically, they must be entered. These letters are part of your plate and are included in your vehicle registration.
  • Temporary license plates issued with new vehicles are entered in the same way that permanent license plates are entered. Make sure all letters and numbers are entered. Remember to update your permit when you receive your permanent plates.
  • If you are unsure of your license plate characters, refer to your vehicle registration or contact our office for assistance.