Carpool and Ride Share


person biking in front of fall trees

Carpooling Sites:

Carpool Safety

  • Drivers:  be fully rested and refrain from using drugs or alcohol 
  • Meet the person you are considering traveling with in a public place, before agreeing to travel together
  • Follow your instincts: If something feels suspicious never hesitate to close communication or back out of the ride
  • Tell a friend or family member about your trip plans
  • Carry a fully charged cell phone
  • Exchange emergency contact information
  • Exchange drivers license info
  • Ask for personal references
  • Meet in a public and high traffic pick-up and drop-off location

Rideshare Groups

There are some local rideshare groups on Facebook. These groups are not run or monitored by Western Washington University.

WWU Rideshare

PNW Rideshare


For more information, please contact our office.