Whatcom Transportation Authority

WTA buses travel through the WWU campus every 15 minutes on weekdays during the day. Service is less frequent in the evening and on weekends.

How To Plan a Trip on WTA:

How to Ride the Bus

  • Familiarize yourself with the bus route and schedule you will be using.
  • Plan to be at your stop a few minutes before the bus is expected to arrive; schedules are estimates and your bus may arrive a few minutes earlier or later.
  • Have your bus pass or exact fare ready. Drivers cannot make change.
  • When the bus approaches, check the route number and destination (shown above the front window) to be sure it is your bus.
  • To get off the bus, about a block before your stop pull the yellow bell cord above the window to alert the driver.
  • Drivers are available to answer any questions you may have about the route and connections.

New To The Bus?