Employee Permits

This is the place to find information on employee parking permits. If you're a student, please visit the Student Permits Page.

Parking on Campus

Parking on campus and in the surrounding neighborhoods is extremely limited and parking regulations are strictly enforced. A valid WWU parking permit is required to park in all Western parking lots.

We recommend that employees commute to campus by riding the bus, walking, biking, or carpooling. There are only 1,356 employee parking spaces on campus for Western’s approximately 3,000 employees.

Calculate the Cost of Your Commute

Use this Commute Cost Calculator to determine how much it costs you to drive to and from work. Reduce the number of days per week that you drive to campus and see your savings add up

Parking Permit Rates for 2021-2022 Academic Year

Lot and Permit Type
Lot Permit Type
Pay-by-Day Quarterly Academic Annual Summer
G $3.25/day $111 $334 $426 $94
G (Part-Time) $3.25/day $58 $169 $213 $45
A $3.25/day $99 $293 $372 $79
A (Part-Time) $3.25/day $47 $146 $185 $40
11G/17G Carpool $3.25/day $111 $334 $426 $94
26CP Carpool $3.25/day $99 293 $372 $79
Motorcycle   $22 $61 $75 $18
Commuter Code     $32    
Lincoln Creek   $29 $87 $102 $15

Pay-by-Day Parking Permit - New!

To sign up for a Pay-by-Day parking permit email transportation@wwu.edu.

Last summer Transportation Services introduced a new Pay-by-Day parking permit which was designed for employees who park on campus intermittently. The Pay-by-Day parking permit replaces the Commuter Coupon Code.

Employees who already have a Pay-by-Day parking permit and want to continue using it do not need to request another Pay-by-Day parking permit for intersessions or subsequent quarters.

For employees who have not used this option, the Pay-by-Day parking permit uses the ParkMobile app and is available in all employee campus parking lots for $3.25/day.

Commuter Coupon Code

Commuter Coupon Codes have been replaced by the Pay-by-Day parking permit.

Sign Up for a Long Term Parking Permit

To obtain a parking permit add yourself to the waitlist for your desired parking lot. You can do this through the Parking Portal. Permits are awarded from the waitlist based on availability and waitlist position is ordered based on seniority (the number of days employed). If you are awarded a permit you will receive an email notification with instructions on how to purchase your parking permit.

Parking Permit Renewals

Quarterly parking permits are eligible to be renewed throughout the academic year. Anyone who purchases a quarterly parking permit will automatically be sent a renewal offer without needing to reapply through the waitlist. Renewal offers are sent out approximately 3 weeks before the end of each quarter.

Academic parking permits are also able to be renewed for summer quarter.

Employee permits can also be renewed for the next academic year. Permit renewal offers are sent out each year in May for the following academic year.

Pay or Appeal a Parking Citation

Citations can be paid through the Parking Portal. From the home page, enter the citation number or the license plate number to locate the citation.

If you believe that your citation was issued in error, you can appeal the citation through the Parking Portal. Citation appeals must be made within 7 days of issuance, with the first day being the day following the citation’s issue date. All days, including weekends and holidays, are counted when determining the appeal deadline.

Transfer Your Parking Permit to a Different Parking Lot

If you have a permit and wish to transfer to a different lot, you can add yourself to the waitlist for your desired lot. If you are awarded a permit for a new lot, you can transfer the credit from your original permit and use it to pay for your new permit. Payment would be required or a refund would be generated if the two permits differ in price.

Park with a State Disability Placard

Daytime hours (Monday – Friday, 7:00am – 4:30pm): A WWU permit is required along with your state disability placard. You can obtain a permit in lot C or 6V at the pay station or by using the ParkMobile app. This permit, along with your disability placard, will allow you to park in any disability space on campus. If the disability space nearest your destination is full, you can park in an adjacent, non-reserved, space.

After hours (Monday – Friday after 4:30pm, all day Saturday and Sunday): During these hours a WWU permit is not required as long as you are hanging your state disability placard. You can park in any available disability space or adjacent space.

Part-Time Parking Permits

Part-time parking permits are available for employees who only need to park half of the day. These permits function the same as full day permits but are only valid for half of the day.

Part-time permits are available in two time frames:

  • AM Permits: 7:00am – 1:00pm
  • PM Permits: 11:00am – 5:00pm

To obtain a part-time permit add yourself to the waitlist for your desired parking lot. You can do this through the Parking Portal. Permits are awarded from the waitlist based on availability and waitlist position is ordered based on seniority (the number of days employed). If you are awarded a permit you will receive an email notification with instructions on how to purchase your part-time permit.

Carpool Permits

Employee carpool assignments are available in 11G, 17G, and 26CP.

Two or more people may share a carpool parking permit by meeting the following criteria:

  • One carpool member is designated as the permit holder.
  • At least two people must arrive together on all trips to campus.
  • Each member must read and sign an agreement to comply with the carpool policy.
  • No carpool members are eligible to purchase another full-time or part-time permit.

Only valid carpools may park in carpool lots. On days when special circumstances prevent carpool members from riding together, the carpool permit holder may park alone and follow the appropriate procedure below:

  • Carpool member driving alone must park in parking lot 12A.
  • Employee carpool permits are honored in lot 12A with no call-in necessary.

Instances of parking alone will be monitored to ensure that the carpool system is not being abused.

After Hours Permit

Times and days various parking is open after hours
Student Parking Employee Parking Weekend Parking
4:30PM - 7:00AM (M-F) 4:30PM - 7:00AM (M-F) All Day
  • Evening and weekends, you may use a valid Parking Permit to park in lots: 5G, 7G, 9G, 11G, 17G, & 19G (NO OTHER LOTS).
  • Temporary permits purchased through ParkMobile or the pay station are only valid for the lot in which they were purchased and cannot be used to move to another lot after hours.
  • Permits are not needed in the C and 12A lots between 4:30PM and 7:00AM Monday - Friday and all hours on weekends.
  • Permits are not valid in:
    • Reserved spaces
    • Lots reserved for an event

Intersession Permits

Intersession permits are available for students and employees who either do not have a current permit or those who like to park in a larger selection of lots during intersession.

Parkers with a current permit who do not purchase an intersession permit, should continue to park in their assigned lots.

Intersession permits are valid in lots: C, 12A, 17G, 19G, 7G, 9G, 22G, 33G, 32G, 24G

Personal Reserved Permits

Employees interested in purchasing a personal reserved parking permit can fill out an application online here.

Retiree Permits

Western Washington University retirees are eligible for a no cost annual parking permit. Please contact Transportation Services if you are interested.

Permit Refund Information

Excerpts from WAC 516-12-460 Fees.

(3) Refunds will be made based on the valid time remaining according to the parking services refund schedule. Refunds may be made if unpaid fines and fees have been paid.

(a) The permit holder must return the permit to Parking Services before a refund will be authorized or a payroll deduction will be terminated. (Note: This is no longer true. License plate numbers now serve as parking permits.)

(b) Unused quarters may be refunded in whole at respective rates.

(c) Refunds will not be made upon permit revocation by the public safety director

Additional Notations for Processing Permit Refunds

  • Any employee who requests to cancel their permit after the first 30 days of any quarter will pay the same permit fee (See (3)(b) above). Permits purchased via payroll will be charged for the quarter until the quarter fee has been paid in full. Payroll deduction is an option that an employee voluntarily chooses to allow the employee to purchase the permit in payments rather than pay the entire amount up front.
  • Permit refund requests made after an extended personal/emergency leave do not qualify for a retro-active refund. Unused quarters left on the permit will be refunded.
  • Permit refund balances are calculated from the date the refund is requested.