At Western Washington University we encourage everybody to use alternatives to driving alone to campus. The Transportation Office supports active transportation by coordinating student and employee bus passes and by providing bicycling support and education, commute trip reduction information, and trip planning assistance. 

Driving less is a significant way to save money, reduce stress, increase your physical activity, and reduce your impact on the planet. Not sure how to get started? Contact transportation@wwu.edu today!

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To enable physical distancing beginning Tuesday, 4/7, WTA will limit the number of people who can ride on its buses to no more than 12 passengers. Up to 15 will be allowed if those riding together are couples or parents with children.

WTA has moved to a Saturday level of service Monday through Friday, and a Sunday level of service on Saturdays and Sundays. This schedule change will be in place until September 20.

The summer quarter Alternative Transportation Fee will not be charged to students. This means that students will not automatically have a student Whatcom Transit Authority (WTA) bus pass.

All WTA buses are temporarily fare free. If WTA does begin charging a fare this summer, students’ Western ID cards will not work as a bus pass.

When WTA begins charging a fare again, students who want a bus pass during the summer may purchase it directly from WTA. WTA has not announced when they will begin charging a fare again. Use the following online resources to learn more and to purchase a bus pass:

More information is available on our page with more information about these changes.

This notice is from Zipcar:

To maintain a safe Zipcar environment and address member concerns, we are taking the following measures:

  • Enhanced cleaning protocols and products: We upgraded our car-cleaning with antiviral and antimicrobial solutions and have deployed incremental sanitizing procedures. We’ve also promoted additional healthy hygiene and safety practices within the team that works behind the scenes to care for our vehicles.
  • Employee safety education: We have educated our employees on basic health and hygiene to protect for their safety and the safety of our members. This includes basics of hand washing and proper cleaning of work surfaces. We have ordered additional supplies, including cleaning solutions and protective equipment, should they be required. We have also created protocols for managing employee health, including processes for implementing quarantines and social distancing should they be required. 
  • Waiving cancellation fees: We are waiving our cancellation fees through April 30, 2020 should our members feel it necessary to change their driving plans, particularly in markets that have issued recommendations for social distancing. To learn more, visit our Help Center.

We also have provisions in place to ensure continuity of business operations and do not expect service disruptions as a result of the virus at this time.

For on-going external updates, we will be updating our Zipcar newsroom (https://www.zipcar.com/press/newsroom/covid19). As always, we strive to create a safe and enjoyable driving experience for our Zipcar members.

The AS Student Late Night Shuttle has been cancelled Spring Quarter, and it does not operate during the summer.