Electric Vehicle (EV) Parking Information

Who Can Use The EV Stations On Campus?

Western Washington University has Electric Vehicle (EV) charging stations in a few parking lots across campus. These charging stations are available for use for anyone parking with a valid WWU permit, including hourly, daily, quarterly, academic, and annual permits.

Please read below to determine how different permit holder types can gain access to using these charging stations.

Quarterly/Academic/Annual Permit Holder

Parkers with quarterly/academic/annual permits can park in the EV charging stations, while charging, without any special permit or additional action.

When parking in an EV charging station equipped parking space, your permit will automatically be valid as long as your vehicle is actively charging. When your vehicle has finished charging, you will need to return to your normally permitted parking lot.

Hourly/Daily Permits

Parkers using hourly or daily permits have the same access to use the EV charging stations as a long-term permit holder. The easiest way to obtain an hourly or daily permit that can be used for an EV charging station is to use the Parkmobile app. When using the app, use zone 1200 to purchase your permit.

Your vehicle will be valid in the EV station as long as your vehicle is actively charging. Once charging has finished, you will need to move your vehicle to the C lot, which is the general visitor parking lot.

Where Are The EV Charging Stations?

Currently, EV charging stations are available in two parking lots on campus, with additional stations planned in the near future. A general campus parking map can be found here, with the specific locations of the EV stations listed below:

Lot 12A

Location of EV stations in the 12A parking lot

Lot 10G

Location of the EV charging stations in the 10G lot