Disability Access

A valid state issued disability permit and a valid WWU purchased parking or permit are both required to park in a posted accessible parking space. After 4:30pm weekdays and all hours on weekends, only a valid state issued disability permit is required for parking in a posted accessible parking space.

How to Obtain a Quarterly/Academic/Annual WWU Disability Permit

The WWU disability permit is available from the Transportation Office. You must have a valid registered state disability permit; proof of registration may be requested to confirm the distribution of the WWU permit. A valid WWU permit and a State disability placard are required to park on campus. For rate information visit the permits page for either Students or Employees.

Disability Parking for Campus Visitors

Daytime hours (Monday – Friday, 7:00am – 4:30pm): A WWU permit is required along with your state disability placard. You can obtain a permit in lot C or 6V at the pay station or by using the Parkmobile app (Use Zone 1200). This permit, along with your disability placard, will allow you to park in any disability space on campus. If the disability space nearest your destination is full, you can park in an adjacent, non-reserved, space.

After hours (Monday – Friday after 4:30pm, all day Saturday and Sunday): During these hours a WWU permit is not required as long as you display your valid state disability placard. You can park in any available disability space or adjacent space.

Campus Accessibility Map

For information about where to find disability parking and to see accessible routes through campus, please visit the Accessibility map.

Lots and number of accessibility spaces
Lot # of Spaces
10G 17
11G 5
12A 3
15R 2
17G 12
19G 6
1R 2
22G 1
23V 2
24G 1
27R 3
29G 4
32G 4
6V 4
8G 5
Archive Department 1
Arntzen Ramp/SVR 3
Bond Hall Cul-de-Sac 4
Chem/Bio/Science 2
Edens Service Road 3
Fairhaven Service Road 1
Nash Turn-Around 2