City of Bellingham - Bellingham Plan: 2024 Open House Events

Phase 2 of updating the Bellingham Comprehensive Plan, also known as the Bellingham Plan will take place in early 2024.

2024 Open House Event Schedule:

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There are also a few other updates weโ€™d like to share.

  • Last chances to participate in the scavenger hunt: Our scavenger hunt is a fun way to learn more about the Bellingham Plan and our city more broadly. It also provides opportunities for you to share your experiences and help us guide planning for our cityโ€™s future. The more sections of the scavenger hunt you complete, the higher chance you have of winning a gift card!
  • Vision survey results are coming soon: Weโ€™re excited to share that we received more than 4,000 responses to the Vision Survey that was delivered citywide in fall 2023. Shout out to our very active community and to everyone who helped spread word to get more interest in the survey. Survey and phase 1 activity results will be shared this month, so watch your inbox.

Keep an eye on Engage Bellingham for updates throughout 2024. We will be posting topic-specific updates as they come out, including additional opportunities to engage. Weโ€™d also love to learn how staff can hear from a wider swath of the community, so please reach out if youโ€™d like to help organize a public event for the Bellingham Plan or have other ideas for engaging the community on the Bellingham Plan.