Learning to lock up your bike properly is essential to keeping it in your hands. The proper lock used well will help assure your bike stays where you put it.

A modern blue bike locked to a rack using a u-lock on the frame and the rack and a cable around both the front and rear wheels connected to the u-lock.


Most importantly, use a u-lock or a high-quality chain lock for the frame. Lock the front wheel with a cable, chain, or u-lock. If you’re leaving your bike for a while, lock the rear wheel too.

A blue bike locked to a rack using a u-lock around the frame and the rear wheel. A cable connects the front wheel to the u-lock.


Locking a wheel with your u-lock is great when possible. Depending on the bike and the rack, this isn't always possible.

A person holds up a cut cable lock in front of a bike that is locked using only a cable lock.


Avoid cable locks as main locks, they are easy to cut!

A bent higher-end wheel is locked to a bike rack with a yellow Kryptonite lock.


Be sure to lock your bike frame to the rack – not only a wheel. Avoid using bike racks where you can't lock the frame to the rack.

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