Traveling by Bike

How to put your bike on a WTA bus rack

All Whatcom Transportation Authority buses are equipped with a front bike rack, making it easier to go farther. More information about using the bike racks on WTA buses can be found on WTA's website

Video: How to Use Bike Racks on WTA Buses

Route Planning

Transportation Services can help you plan your bike routes. To access this service email your start and end points.

The splitscreen feature is a great way to inspect a new bike route before riding.

Video: Bike Route Planning with Google Maps Splitscreen

Lockers and Showers

Students have access to the Wade King Student Recreation Center through the Student Recreation Fee.

Employees have access to lockers and showers in Carver Gym and at the Wade King Student Recreation Center.

Bike Classes

Bike Skills and Learn to Ride Classes for Students

Transportation Services offers classes on campus. Learn to ride a bike in our Learn to Ride class. Gain skills for riding in the city in our Confident City Cycling class. Upcoming classes are listed on the Western Involvement Network event page.

Community Bike Classes

Smart Trips offers a variety of bike classes, from their Learn to Ride class for beginners to more advanced commuter classes. Take their classes and learn how to take more of your daily trips by bike!

Confident City Cycling Videos

Each time before riding, check the Air, Brakes, Chain, and quick release levers to make sure your bike is safe to ride.

Position yourself when coming up to an intersection so that you are visible and communicating the direction you want to go.

Signaling when you are going to change directions and making sure that the area is clear is a legal responsibility and a necessity for everyone’s safety.

Learn quick tips on riding safely if you are new to riding in a city environment.