Western Bike Registration

Banner with blue geometric shapes and wwu bike registration written on it

As of fall 2023 Western Washington University has been partnering with Bike Index to provide campus-wide bike and micro mobility registration. Registration is highly recommended for all students and staff that bike to and from campus and can easily be completed by visiting the Outdoor Center, Transportation Services, or done individually online.

Why register your bike?

Registering your bike provides a record of the bike that can be easily searched for by law enforcement if your bike is found. Bike registration increases your chances of getting a lost or stolen bike back. It also provides you with a way to retrieve bike information at a later time if needed for insurance or other reasons.

Bike Index Registration Instructions

How to Register

Register your bike for free at the Outdoor center located at Viking Union 150, or at Transportation Services at Old Main 120. Staff will guide you through the process of registration ensuring it's a quick, and seamless process. 

If you are not able to make it to either of these locations, you can register online, and pick up your sticker at a later date.

Step 1: Fill out the online registration form. You'll need your bike's serial number for registration. It is important that you input the correct number and complete all required fields.

Step 2: Bike Index will then send you an email which allows you to confirm your registration.

Step 3: pick up your Bike Index Sticker at the Outdoor Center or Transportation Services. Students and staff are required to show their Western ID to receive a Bike Index Sticker. 

Step 4: Follow the instruction on the Back of the sticker, ensuring that the sticker is properly linked to your bikes account.

Step 5: Place the sticker on your bike in a visible location.

We Prefer you Register at the Outdoor Center or Transportation Services, as staff will be able to ensure that registration is properly completed. If you are unable to make it to these locations please still register on your own as it will still ensure that your bikes information is accessible if it is stolen, though you will not have the additional security provided by a Bike Index sticker.

Mountain Bike with Serial Number under the Bottom Bracket being pointed to
  • In general Serial Numbers are found under the bottom bracket of a bike, they are stamped into the metal, and consist of a string of letters and numbers.
  • Some bikes serial numbers including those on Rad Power Bikes are found on the headtube just above the fork. 
  • If you are having trouble finding your bikes serial number please head to the Outdoor Center or Transportation Services, where expert staff will help you find your serial number and can assist in registering your bike.

Benefits of Registration

First 200 students to register receive a free u-Lock

Once you've registered your bike bring your Western Card to Transportation Service or the Outdoor Center to pick up your lock!

  • Registering your bike through Bike Index provides proof that it's yours, and its Free.
  • Bike Index QR code stickers: If a person finds your stolen bike, they can scan the stickers QR code or search the bike's serial number and see if it is marked as stolen. These Stickers have been shown to reduce the chance of theft!
  • When you register your bike through Western's portal, your bike is entered into both Western's database and a nationwide database. This means that if your stolen bike leaves the area it can still be recovered.
  • While bikes are publicly searchable on Bike Index, the owner's information is not accessible to the public
  • Bike Index account holders can easily transfer their bike to another person's account if they sell it and can add additional bikes if they buy more. 
  • A bike registered through Bike Index is much harder for thieves to resell as pawnshops can't legally sell them, and used bike buyers can easily look the bike up to see if it is stolen.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I register a bike that has already been stolen?

Yes! fill out the same form as you would to register a bike that has not been stolen, then mark it as stolen. registering your bike after it is stolen will make it more likely to be returned.

How can I add my bike to Westerns system if it is already registered?

If your bike is already registered with Bike Index you can easily edit the registration if you click on the groups and organizations tab on the left of the screen, you can then add it to Westerns' group. You can also pick up a sticker from Transportation Services or the Outdoor Center if your bike doesn't already have one and link it to your bike.

Can I register multiple Bikes through Western?

Yes! You can register as many bikes as you would like through Bike Index.

If you have any additional questions, you can contact the Active Transport Coordinator at atc@wwu.edu.