Removing A Wheel Lock/Boot

Once all outstanding citations associated with the vehicle have been paid, the wheel lock can be released by contacting Transportation Services at 360-650-2945 or at, Monday - Friday, between the hours of 8:00am - 4:00pm. Transportation Services will confirm payment on the vehicle, and will dispatch an enforcement officer to have the boot taken off.

Additional Wheel Lock/Boot Information

A vehicle parked in a manner which endangers or potentially endangers members of the university community or their property, state property, and prevents a person having a valid permit from parking in their designated parking area, will be impounded on the first violation.

All violators are subject to having their vehicles impounded through the use of towing or a wheel lock device at their own risk and expense.

A student with unpaid parking citations may not receive their class registration and/or transcript until citations are paid.

Parking permits will not be issued until all outstanding citations and fees are paid.

WAC 516-12-470

  • Has an accumulation of two or more unpaid parking tickets (the second of which has been outstanding for more than seventy-two hours)
  • Is parked at any time on campus when parking privileges have been revoked.

For boot fee refer to Fee Rates. The boot will not be removed until the boot fee and citation fees have been paid.


Any vehicle which remains immobilized by wheel lock for more than twenty-four hours in an area where towing is not practical or possible will be assessed a fee for each day or portion thereof over the twenty-four hours. Refer to Fee Rates.

The owner/operator of the impounded vehicle must pay all outstanding citations and associated fees.

  • Has been immobilized by wheel lock for more than twenty-four hours
  • Is parked in such a manner as to endanger the university community
  • Is parked in a fire lane blocking traffic or other posted tow-away zone
  • Is parked so as to deprive a permit holder of space in his/her assigned lot, reserved space, or disability space without a proper permit
  • Is left under circumstances which indicate it has been abandoned
  • Is found displaying a forged, reported lost or stolen permit
  • Cannot be impounded with the wheel lock device
  • When a university police officer has probable cause to believe the vehicle is stolen
  • When a university police officer has probable cause to believe that the vehicle contains or constitutes evidence of a crime, and in the police officer's judgment impoundment is necessary to obtain or preserve such evidence
  • When a driver is arrested and/or deprived of the right to leave with the driver's vehicle, and the university police are responsible for the "safekeeping" of the vehicle
  • Is parked at any time on campus when parking privileges have been revoked

An impound fee is charged if the driver of the tow truck or the wheel lock operator has performed any labor prior to the vehicle operator/owner returning to the vehicle before the impoundment is completed.

An impounded vehicle shall be released to the operator/owner of the vehicle when:

  • Positive identification and proof of ownership of the vehicle is provided
  • All unpaid fines against the impounded vehicle or any other vehicle registered to the violator are paid at parking services (or university public safety department when parking services is closed)
  • A wheel lock fee is paid
  • All towing and storage fees are paid

The operator/owner of the towed vehicle must present an authorized release form to the towing company and pay all towing charges including any storage fees incurred.

The university assumes no responsibility for damages which may result from use of the wheel lock device, towing, storage, or attempts to move a vehicle with a wheel lock device installed.

A person wishing to challenge the validity of the impound or any fines or fees imposed under these rules may appeal through the process provided in this chapter. However, in order to secure release of the vehicle, the driver or owner must pay the amount of fines and/or fees as a bond which will be refunded to the extent the appeal is approved.