Employee Bus Pass

Bus Pass Quick Links

Fall 2018 - We have a new bus pass system for your convenience!

Once you purchase a bus pass, your Western ID card will be activated so that it will also function as a bus pass.

If your ID card was printed after June 28, 2017 once it is activated by purchasing an employee bus pass, it can be used as a bus pass in the WTA fare boxes.

If your ID was printed before June 28, 2017, take your existing Western ID card to the Western Card Office to have it reformatted (the magnetic strip will be rewritten so it has information for the WTA bus pass); Once an ID is reformatted, it does not have to be reformatted again in subsequent quarters.

To purchase a bus pass use the Bus Pass Request Form

Paper forms are available in the Sustainable Transportation Office.

Cost to Employees

$23.00 per Quarter or $69.00 for the Academic Year (Fall/Winter/Spring)

Bus Pass Dates

Bus passes follow the academic year schedule:

A bus pass may become valid for any quarter as early as the first day of Intersession preceding that quarter, with a bus pass charge for that quarter.

A bus pass for any quarter will remain active for 2 weeks into the next quarter before becoming inactive without a bus pass charge for the next quarter.

Bus Pass Payment Options

Payroll Deduction

  • This pre-tax payment option is for permanent employees currently receiving a paycheck. Contact the Sustainable Transportation Office if you are not sure if you are eligible for this option.

Cash, Debit, Online Payment, or Credit (fee for payment with credit)

  • When your e-sign form is received, the charge will be added to your account.
  • Once you have been notified that your e-sign form has been approved, pay for your bus pass in the Student Business Office (Old Main 110) via cash, check or debit.
  • You may also pay online using CashNet. CashNet accepts payments made with credit or from a checking or savings account.