Employee FAQ

  • How do I get an employee bus pass?

    Employee's automatically have a bus pass on their Western Card.

  • What if I lose or damage my bus pass?

    Your Western ID is your bus pass. If you lose your ID, go to the Western Card Office to have it replaced for a nominal fee. Your bus pass will be automatically transferred to your new Western ID.

  • What are my commute options? I don't want to drive alone to campus every day.

    Sustainable Transportation Office staff can help you explore your commute options. We can provide information on walkingbicycling, riding the bus and ride sharing.

    Items and resources that we can provide further information about include:

    • Commuter Coupon Code (quarterly, limited on campus parking)
    • Bicycling Classes and Clubs
    • Trip Planning
    • Campus Amenities
    • Commuter Safety Net
  • How can I get to Seattle for a meeting without driving?

    We have pre-made trip plans to a variety of regional locations, including a trip plan for traveling to Seattle and back to Bellingham within the day. Bolt Bus and Amtrak are other options for traveling to Seattle.

  • I'd like to try cycling, but am new to the idea. What classes and resources are available to me?

    We can point you in the right direction!

    Contact our office for more information.

  • Where can I get information about ridesharing?

    On our carpooling page. Our office can also try to match you with a WWU carpool upon request.

  • I have never ridden the bus - how do I do that?

    Call, email or visit our office. We are happy to create trip plans for your commute and help you learn how to make trip plans for yourself!

    If you are planning to stop in, please call first to make an appointment. Making a trip plan is usually pretty quick.

    Also, here are tips about riding the bus.

  • What if there is an emergency or I get sick, and I don't have my car at work?

    We've got you covered! Check out Western's transportation safety net.