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Employee Transportation

55% of Western's employees use an alternative to driving alone to work at least once per week. Join the trend!


Employee Bus Pass

Western employees are eligible for an employee bus pass. Check out the page below to learn more and sign up.

Employee Bus Pass

Commute Support

New Employee Information

Quick transportation guide for new employees.

Transportation Safety Net

Leave your car at home with peace of mind.

Frequently Asked Questions

Scheduling for Commute Trip Reduction

Employees may be allowed to compress their work week or flex their schedules in order to take advantage of carpooling or bus riding opportunities. Teleworking may also be an option. Please check with your supervisor to see what is supported by your department.

Get in Touch

The Transportation Office is here to help find the right commute options for you. We are here to help you explore alternatives to driving alone to Western. For personalized assistance in planning your commute, please contact us.

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